Frequently Asked Questions

How does RTT work?

Rapid Transformational Therapy integrates the latest results of neuroscientific studies and combines the most effective aspects of Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and Cognitive Behavior Therapy. An RTT session takes between 90 minutes to 2 hours each. Through the effective use of techniques, RTT aims to work with the subconscious. We acquire beliefs and behavior patterns throughout our lives that are stored in our subconscious and which remain unaware. RTT enables us to move away from the thinking mind and uncover the feelings and interpretations of past events that lie beneath and that formed our beliefs and patterns. Once detected we can re-wire those beliefs and bring them back to their original coding. We all came into the world with tremendous self-love and confidence, our mind needs to be re-programmed to that state. Due to neuroplasticity, our brain is capable of forming new neural pathways that enable us to install and learn healthy new habits. Within an RTT session, we will go through the entire process of identifying the unresourceful patterns, as well as transforming them into healthy beliefs for the future.

What if the session triggers a painful or scary memory?

It is really important to always keep in mind that whatever comes up during a session is simply a representation of a past event. We’re simply reviewing scenes from your life and you will not re-live the negative emotional experience from the past. We will be looking at the meaning you have attached in response to these events as a protection or compensation mechanism. This will always happen with a controlled distance and you will be safe with your emotions and memories at all times.

What if I can't go deep enough?

It is completely normal to experience different levels of investigative work throughout a session. However, the success of a session doesn’t depend on the level of depth. Any kind of revelation brings understanding to why you do things the way you do them. With this understanding, we can then reverse the negative effect, remove the un-resourceful beliefs, and create new empowering beliefs and behaviors. Some issues will require several sessions to explore different angles of the presenting problem and thereby gain a thorough understanding of the overall impact of the interpretations you have attached to those memories. In other cases, you might be motivated to continue working and exploring related issues and aspects over the course of additional sessions. As I highly value and individual approach we will always be able to find the best concept to ensure that you will feel supported.

How does it feel?

The experience of reviewing one’s own subconscious processes is a very powerful tool and has an intensely freeing effect. This experience feels different for different people. Some people may experience feeling a floating sensation other may feel very light or sleepy. The most present feeling among all clients is being relaxed and at ease. The brain waves created in Hypnosis resemble the brain waves that are created during REM sleep. Rapid Eye Movement sleep is a core aspect in the process of maintaining a healthy body and mind. When it comes to feelings there is no wrong or right, whatever you are experiencing is right for you. And regardless of what you’re feeling the work we’re doing will be effective.

When can I expect to see changes?

The majority of my clients experience an immediate shift right away. However, the journey and results of the sessions are unique to your individual situation. In general, we differentiate between immediate change, cumulative change, and retrospective changes. Changes will occur on your own time schedule so don’t feel pressured to compare your journey and results with others.

What if I still don’t feel relieved enough after one session?

It is very common for certain issues to require more than one session. Depending on the issue and the layers of negative experiences attached to it 1-3 sessions will be needed to get to the core of the underlying issue.

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis in the form of Hypnotherapy is an effective tool in order to uncover the fears and limitations that are stored in the subconscious. This process is based on scientific findings that conclude the effectiveness of creating brain waves that are the same as when you’re in REM state that aids in keeping our brain and body healthy. Hypnosis in form of Hypnotherapy is a vital tool in doing investigative work to understand how, where, and when we have acquired limiting beliefs, habits, and behaviors. Through gaining clarity and understanding we can start to work on eliminating these forces that have been holding us back and work towards re-wiring our minds with positive beliefs and habits that allow for a fulfilling life.

Can I get stuck in Hypnosis?

Hypnosis as such is nothing like the commercialized “stage hypnosis” a lot of us might have observed throughout their lives. The secret behind these theatric show performances lies in the suggestibility of individuals. Whenever you see someone being in a hypnotic trance on stage these will be individuals who have been identified by the staff as highly suggestible individuals. Our mind reacts to the thoughts in our heads. Therefore, the state of being hypnotized in general is a tool for allowing us to look at the underlying thoughts of your behavior and patterns. It is an effective technique to calm the thinking mind and look at the feelings and beliefs that lie beneath an issue. At all times will you be in control as you’re not asleep but simply reviewing your inner self. You can easily talk and move your body in this state. Therefore, you cannot get stuck in hypnosis and will be able to come out of hypnosis at all times. If we’re holding a session over skype and the unlikely case occurs that we get disconnected you will be able to get out of hypnosis by yourself despite your calming sleepy state. Always remember, this relaxing state is something I help you to achieve but you are the one initiating it therefore you are able to direct and control it at all times.

What if I can’t be hypnotized?

Our life is defined by automated moments like driving the car or doing some other repetitive task. Hypnotic states are therefore part of our everyday lives. In the end, hypnosis equals being suggestible, and being suggestible equals having a great imagination. Without imagination, we cannot go through everyday life. Think of brushing your teeth or driving the car. It’s an automated process and a script our subconscious mind runs while our conscious mind invests its energy in focusing on other aspects. I bet you can think of more examples when your mind is running its script without you noticing. Therefore, everyone and anyone can be hypnotized and is going through hypnotic states every day.

I am aware of my issues. Why should I work with you?

In most cases, the presenting issue is not the cause of the actual problem. Therefore, it is wise to look deep to identify the core issues behind the presenting problems. Our subconscious mind stores a vital part of our experiences and interpretations that we have derived from past experiences. Unless we truly investigate these parts, we will find ourselves being directed by an invisible force. I want to give you the freedom to see beyond what you think you know about yourself and help you take the power and control back to live your life the way you want to live it!